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Who We Are

WilberCapital is a private investment firm that specializes in acquiring and operating small to medium sized businesses for the long term.

We seek to invest in and partner with existing ownership looking towards retirement, succession or expansion.

Our Philosophy

Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises

To us, an investment is more than a bet on a business, it is a form of partnership that comes with a duty of loyalty, stewardship, and care.

WilberCapital works with business owners to form a plan for their future. Whether that plan involves buying a company outright or forming long-term partnerships where existing leadership stays involved in the business, our commitment is to be a quality partner to you.

Interested in Selling Us a Business?

WilberCapital specializes in acquiring established, profitable businesses with owner earnings of $500K - $1.5M per year.


  • Revenue: $2 Million - $10 Million
  • EBITDA: $500 Thousand - $1.5 Million

Company Characteristics

  • Established, profitable businesses with healthy EBITDA margins (+15%)
  • 3+ years of consistent profitability and stable growth
  • High degree of recurring revenue and high customer retention
  • Low customer concentration and a diversified customer base
  • Value-added products or services with clear customer benefits

Owner Objectives

  • Owner is seeking a liquidity event (100% exit)
  • Owner is seeking to reduce their role in day-to-day business operations (partial exit)
  • Experienced, driven management team planning to stay with the business
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